Strategic Resource Optimization Inc.

  • Subteranian Mineral Extraction

    Amongst the myriad of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies, SRO has developed its Z-FloodTM technology to enhance the wetability of the overall flood operation to better communicate with the formation and acheive a greater reliese of imbibed petroleum. Read More

  • Critical Surface Disinfection
    Infection Treatment and Prevention

    EHealth Inc. a wholy owned subsidiary of SRO offers license to a hard surface disinfectant technology with unprecedented performance while ranking amongst toothpaste in the EPA Category IV toxicity (practically non toxic). Read More

  • SRO Inc. formula variants have been tested for efficacy against modern crop and food safety threats

    SRO technologies continue to be evaluated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) Read More

  • CBRN Decontamination and Remediation

    A showcase application of an SRO Inc. technology is the unique ability to release strongly bound radioactive Cesium (Cs-137) and Cobalt (Co-60) isotopes from calcium rich building substrates such as concrete, brick, and cinder block. Read More

  • Outbrake Control and Sanitation

    With combined expertise in specialty sprayers, deployment technologies and powerful disinfection formulas, SRO's subsidiary eTransportation Inc. offers solutions to infectious illness and related outbreak control/prevention on cruise ships, airlines, automobiles and public transportation. Read More

Creating New Frontiers

Strategic Resource Optimization is a sustainable technology company.

We are focused on solving some of the worlds most difficult problems through invention and innovation in science and the application of physics in chemistry.

We strive to make our technologies available to industry throughout the world by broadly licensing our chemistries to businesses posessing abundant market expertise.

Our core technologies have been adapted to serve diverse niches. Farmers, surgeons, mariners, aviators, soldiers, and roughnecks use our chemistries to enhance economy, increase production, protect infrastructure and save lives.